weirdest audio troubleshooting problem. please help/laugh with me!
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    Default weirdest audio troubleshooting problem. please help/laugh with me!

    ok dudes,

    so ive got a big gig coming up this weekend. and i wanted to improve the stability of my thinkpad by downgrading it to XP SP3. vista was working fine...except there were some ram issues and from hearing all the vista guff... i decided to go back.

    anyways i install everything and my only hassle was the UAA sound architecture because they didn't have anything for sp3...but i found the right way around that and when i was hearing that test mp3 of Beethoven's 9th i was good to go.

    installed my edirol UA-25 and traktor 3.3.2. ready to kick ass. but i had problems with it crackling and distorting. so i go through all the system optimization in the traktor manual and also for my sound card. it starts to work. but my settings were way different than vista. vista i had ( 96000hz@10ms) where as now on XP (176400hz@11.5ms or at 96000hz@21ms) i have no clue.

    i jam for a bit. go to bed... wake up restart the computer and its out of wack again. go through the same troubleshooting again. not really changing any settings cuz they had already been made. but it starts to work again.
    determined to find the problem i through works. restart and repeat.

    i realize that my sound gets better with the more windows i have open...i.e. control panel, mozilla, foobar, explorer. this doesn't make sense does it? im dumbfounded as to what the problem is...ive even tried a friends sound card...and its definitely an internal thing and im stressing cuz of the show coming up -- but lighthearted enough to realize the irony in the situation (its not the troubleshooter instructions that improve system but the act of having it open...after the first time...the instructions could have been "step 3. have an egg salad sandwich.")

    if you guys have any ideas. please let me know - while i grab an egg salad sandwich.


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    have you tried reasoning with it?
    Quote Originally Posted by dripstep View Post
    Kaon, none of that has to do with drum and bass.

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    Wow that some wacked out problem,

    Try tryis latency checker and tell us what it returns -

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