just bout my first set
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    Default just bout my first set

    hey everyone i just bought a numark mixtrack pro, what should be next on my list of things to get in order to get the ball rolling , and are there any websites that would help me understand a litte better tech tools tutorials are chills if any one has any of there own tutorials or tips for beginners please

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    Default mapping software for mix track pro

    can any one explain mapping a little better

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    Welcome to DJTT forums!

    The only thing I can tell you to do in your position is read, read, read, watch videos, watch more videos, and read some more.

    What to read you ask?
    Everything, literally everything on DJ Tech Tools forums. From the blog posts by Ean to the random posts by our members. Just keep reading. You will learn. I promise.

    What to watch you ask?
    YouTube is your friend. I would suggest go through YouTube and type "DJing tutorials" or anything of the sort. Also Elaskins has an amazing array of videos that could greatly benefit you.

    Anyway one last piece of advice, don't expect things to be fed to you, you have to have the drive yourself to dig through the forums and find and learn and continue to learn. That will be your greatest tool in your journey.

    Happy Hunting!

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    if you want to check out Ellaskins..

    Ellaskins youtube channel found here

    he also runs a dj tutor website http://www.djtutor.com/

    whilst not all his videos have controllers in them.. the basic mixing principals are the same whether its turntables, cdj's or controllers.

    there are plenty of articles on the DJTT main blog page that will be helpful, and also countless threads on the forums.. just use the search function to find what you're looking for. if you get stuck, feel free to ask around!

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