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    My question relates to fx mapping. TP has four fx banks. Does this mean that I can only map the use of 4 FX banks. For example. Im using an X1 and A MF using the instant gratification mapping. This MF mapping makes use of all 4 banks. Can I still go and map the rotarys on my X1 for effects or supernobs or is it a matter of no more effects slots available.

    Is it possible to say map a rotary to whatever effects and when I engage that rotary maybe FX bank 1 Will change from the MF setting to the desired super nob, then again changing back to MF FX when finished with said super nob.
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    You would need to map a button that will map it back to the MF FX. So yes, you can do this.

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    just look at how this person made the super knob. you can use different effects
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    I think what he means it he wants to have the midifighter for the instant gratification mapping and he wants the X1 to do its thing to.

    I'd try mapping the X1 to do what you want and put them side by side and see how they respond.

    If the MF is mapped to load the effect it uses as your touching the buttons and the X1 is mapped to load up each of the effects then it should work.

    I dont think it will work if you have the instant gratification up and just use X1 to activate effects and parameters? You'd need to have loading of the effect programmed

    Both mappings may need modifications to perform the "preset switching"

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    just make sure that your X1 loads all the effects you need and you'll be fine as the MF mapping loads the effects it needs.
    just keep in mind which efx bank you're using if you want to use the super knob and the MF at the same time (as in press button on MF and twist your X1 superknob at the same time) otherwise you might have a clash in your MIDI signals...
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