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    I have my sights set on playing clubs, I've read that alot of clubs won't bother if you don't play with the equipment they have. Is this true? I use midi controllers and I'm about to upgrade to two v7s and a mixer. Would the v7s be appropriate for clubs? If not what should I go with?

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    you should always go and check out the club and what they have in the booth and also if there is enough space to set up your v7s. that what i at least did. most of the clubs here have their own mixer and there is no need to bring along your mixer. but like i said always check out the location and talk to the guy who is in charge when it comes down to the clubs own equipment...
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    This sir is a slippery slope. This question will spark another useless argument debating the use of MIDI-Controllers VS. "industry standard" bullshit thread. My suggestion to you is just go to a few bars / clubs, and talk to the owner / DJ there and see what they say. I was thinking about this as well a few days ago, but last night when I went bar hopping I paid close attention to what the DJs were using and in a few of them I saw the DJs using midi-controllers like the hercules RMX, and in a few others I saw them using regular CDJ400s.

    Like I said though, i'd go around and ask around the clubs what they prefer. That way you're getting 100% accurate first hand information rather than getting second or third hand information.

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