Warping non house tunes in Ableton Live 7
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    Default Warping non house tunes in Ableton Live 7


    new to this forum, but looks like a good place to start. I have just started getting used to Ableton Live 7, and need to know how you can warp a non house track, but without getting that time stretched sound applied to it.

    When warping non house stuff, it just sounds terrible, surely abelton should be able to cope and I am missing a trick here ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    non house leaves a hell of a lot of genres ... care to elaborate ?

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    80s, motown, hip hop for starters, sorry that was a bit vague

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    hip hop shouldnt be a problem as its all drum machines etc .. where as the others will be a bit harder as they are normally all played with live instruments.

    What are you doing to warp them at the minute ? Whats your procedure?

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    ahh, think I got it, re-pitch

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    I think the issue was I was using the wrong type of warping method, I reckon I will be able to work on it from now, nice one though

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    I usually use the "Complex" algorithm when doing the warping. I find that in general, it seems to sound the best for a fully intrumented track with vocals. You gotta remember though that you can only stretch a song so much before degrading its quality. If you're adding a backbeat (i.e. as in a remix etc.) it shouldn't be so noticable... Good luck!

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    cheers for that too

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    ok following on from this, once you have warped them, is it possible to write that warp back to the track, in other words, when you reopen the track in Ableton it realises that you have already done the necessary warping previously ?

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    yeah definately .. just hit save ... wont work on the demo version though

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