how to get the best possible sound out of your monitors
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    Default how to get the best possible sound out of your monitors

    how can i improve the sound quality of my monitors?
    im open to any suggestions wether it be different wiring, soundcards etc or just a tweak of an equalizer.
    what is the optimum equalization in itunes for example?
    iv got m audio bx8as btw
    thanks in advance

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    Treat the audio chain like a real chain -- anything you can do to reinforce any single link will help in the end; better sound card, better connection between sound card and speakers, better quality source material, etc. You'll notice the biggest improvements at one end or the other in the chain -- if you have a crappy mp3 or crappy speakers, it will make a bigger difference to improve one of those than to improve the cables between things. One achilles heel for a lot of systems is the digital audio converter (DAC) in your computer or sound card. If you are using your computer's stock sound card, you probably should consider upgrading.

    EQ settings and the like are a matter of preference; you really want to see how things sound with everything set flat before you start messing with EQ, even if you do typically prefer different settings.

    Another thing you can do easily (and free) that could make a world of difference is look into the placement of your monitors -- take a look at this and similar information about how to ensure that your listening position is in the "sweet spot."

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