Traktor Pro and Vestax typhoon issues
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    Default Traktor Pro and Vestax typhoon issues

    I recently bought the VESTAX TYPHOON and just for the testing I downloaded the TRAKTOR PRO from torrents...
    I managed to do the mapping but I have some problems with the audio out...
    I cannot separate the monitor from the normal output, because traktor crashes if I try to use ASIO4-TYPHOON so I am using ASIO4ALL wich doesn't recognize all the different outputs of the typhoon...

    My question now is:
    If I buy the TRAKTOR PRO, will this problem be resolvable or not? will the purchased TRAKTOR PRO let me use the ASIO4-TYPHOON and will this let me separate the monitor from the normal output?


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    We don't give help with cracked versions here. I suggest you try the legal copy of Traktor LE that came with your Typhoon since that will be stable and has the same audio settings as Traktor Pro.

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