Hey all, just made a new mix and could like some constructive criticism... mostly progressive.. but a few electro tracks thrown in as well. I'm usually more into club type mixing because its faster paced.. but i thought i'd give some slowly build up type music a chance since i've been recently falling in love with progressive and tech house


and if you wanna download


Rapture (Avicii remix)
First Aid (Original Mix)
Until the Sunrise (Club Mix)
Take over control (spencer and hill remix)
groovebox (libex remix)
white noise, red meat
electro spin
control room
sun to me
money for love (chuckie remix)
showrocker (apster remix)
sururumba (caribe version)
like that (main mix)
fuck you (bart b moor remix)
Only You (Ken Loi Remix)
I got you (dankann inda house rework)