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    Default bringing own mixer

    Im planning on getting the Xone DB4.... Know im thinking that if you put so much time into getting to know a mixer like the DB4 it would pay to use it as much as possible when gigging. Most of the clubs in my area already either have a DJM800 or DJM2000, so I think that if the 800's are to be replaced with anything it will be the nexus. So my question.... if I were to bring my DB4 and run the master out via a channel on in house mixer, will there be a degradation of sound quality. Im thinking that I t will be fine, but im sure you guys can clear it up. Before hand I wouldnt have minded what mixer was there, however I can see that the DB4 is going to change the way I play and sound.
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    it will be fine just make sure u use well shielded cables

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    any sound degradation would be negligable, but bringing your own mixer to a gig could cause quite a bit of hassle, especially when the sound engineer sees you trying to swap shit out lol.

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    Whatever you do, make sure it's cool with the venue. And have a backup in case they won't let you.
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    Totally works that way.

    And I've swapped out mixers before. If's weird. Make sure you can mix a long track on a CDJ plugged into the FOH mixer or something…and be good at it.

    If you're just running it into their mixer…you shouldn't lose anything (they're both good digital mixers with good converters and good DSP coding). My only advice would be to use digital connections if they're available as outputs for the DB4 so you go through fewer analog/digital conversions…but it's not that big of a deal.

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    "Most clubs in the area" are well-concerned about two things if you're bringing your own mixer: not placing it on top of their gear and not introducing weird components into their signal chain.

    You will definitely want to talk to whoever bought/designed/operates the venue's sound system. Do not put this off until the last minute.

    Line level outs, as stated in previous posts, are good as long as the person in charge of the sound system doesn't mind you picking up their expensive Pio mixers to move plugs around in the backs of them. Just make sure you ask.

    MAKE SURE YOU ASK! Like, seriously, a day before you play there.

    I've never f-ed up in this regard, but a few years back I've seen a DJ pay up (not in monetary terms, think more in terms of broken ribs and facial features) for moving plugs around in the booth and making the sound guy think that a really expensive sound system had overheating damage from driving a low signal. Found out the next week that the dude just reached under the booth and turned down the dancefloor amp's main to make his midi controller work.

    Anyway, I'm sure people are a lot nicer in Bali than downtown Miami. Have fun and good luck!

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