Hi guys,
i'm having a very difficult problem to resolve. I am working Traktor Pro, controlled by Numark Mixdeck. I also have a Kontrol X1 and a MASCHINE.

For the mixdeck and the kontrol X1, everything goes very well. My problem, is with my maschine.

What I do is : -Run Traktor Pro AND Maschine on the same computer
-->*Got them to sync by a MIDI Virtual port which works great.
- For my Maschine audio output, I assigned it like that :
Output 1L --> Channel 1 (of mixdeck)
Output 1R --> Channel 3
Output 2L --> Channel 2
Output 2R --> Channel 4

This was the only way I got them to work while only one of the 2 channels of the mixdeck is up. The problem is : it just works in MONO. If I want to get them to work Stereo, I just put both channels of the mixdeck up and it sounds STEREO.

I also tried another basic configuration which was like this :
Output 1L --> Channel 1 (of Mixdeck)
Output 1R --> Channel 2
Output 2L --> Channel 3
Output 2R --> Channel 4

The problem when I was set like that was that I cannot get sound at all when playing only on Deck B. But on Deck A, it was a beautiful STEREO sound.

So now I guess you see all my confusion. What I'm thinking about now, is to make a USB to Female Ipod jack, and ask an informatician to make me a driver for this --> I'm thinking of this because on the mixdeck, you have an ANALOGIC entry for iPod, with its own volume on the mixer, so that i will be able to get a real STEREO sound, regardless the Deck i'm on.

Please, tell me what you think about this, and if you have any clue to help me out, I WILL CONSIDERE IT!

Thanks a lot for your support!

DJ D-Pac