what setup should i get?
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    Default what setup should i get?

    i made this thread for two reasons
    1) should i get a couple of cdj2000s and a djm800 mixer or just a kontrol s4?
    2) is pioneer going to release a newer cdj anytime soon? like a cdj3000?

    i also was going to buy the new entry level 13inch macbook pro with a keyboard n mouse to make it easier to search n load tracks as well as a kontrol x1 for effects

    my budget is around $5000 n i found the cdjs n djm800 for cheap

    thoughts n opinions peace mmmmmbaaaas

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    should I get a couple of cdj2000s and a djm800 mixer or just a kontrol s4?
    They'd wanna be a BLOODY good deal for me to shell out 2000's. Do you intend playing CD's?

    If not the CDJ's are just plain overkill IMHO

    Personally I'd go with Denon MC6000 / 2xDenon SC2000 / S4. Thats just my opinion reckon or Perhaps the Pioneer T1's if you wanna stick with Pio gear.

    You "Could" even go with a Xone:4d with that kinda budget, there's a hellofadifference in spending 5k and 1k.

    P.S. I like the idea of an independent mixer built into the controller (Denon/4d)

    CDJ's were updated a few months ago, I cant imagine anything newer coming out from them too soon.

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    You COULD spend around $5000 on two CDJ2000's and a DJM800, or even find them super cheap and spend $3000.

    OR you could spend $1000 on an S4 that comes with Traktor Pro. And if you don't have a laptop you could buy one for $1000 and spend that remaining $1000 on important things, like music, booze and women (or men or whatever).

    Do you want to spin on CDs? Do you want to spin on a laptop? Pioneer isn't going to come out with CDJ3000's for a LONG time (how long did the 2000's take?).
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