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    Has anybody had any issues with the new MBP and the Thunderbolt I/O? Because I'm torn between saving money and buying a last gen refurb or spending a little extra to get the newest model. Also, does the computer come with Thunderbolt adapters/how would we connect our controllers, soundcards, etc to it?
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    You have all the regular slots like in the old MacBook as well to use your DJ gear with. The Thunderbolt port only works properly when connected to another device that supports Thunderbolt. As of right now there are maybe one or two items out there that feature Thunderbolt ports. You will have to wait for a bit longer (probably until the end of the year) to see more items such as external hard drives feature Thunderbolt ports.

    Make no mistake, it is worth it. There will definitely be many items coming out with Thunderbolt ports.

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