My new gig Pt.2: Have you ever played to a room full of people you can't see or hear?
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    Default My new gig Pt.2: Have you ever played to a room full of people you can't see or hear?

    Hey guys, in my last thread i told you guys i got a new gig in a super hip bar/lounge in my city. I went to check out said venue last night and i noticed something peculiar. The music that plays outside on the terrasse is from the DJ inside. This is the kind of place that is super popular because it has a huge outdoor terrasse so there is usually at least as many people outside as there are inside, if not more. Now what scares me a bit is that i am going to be indoors, playing to a bar full of people, but simultaneously all of the people outside will also be hearing my music. I get the impression that i'm always going to want to go outside and see how people are reacting, and how the music sounds.

    Has anyone ever been in a simmilar situation? How do you deal with it?
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    Have a friend come with you as a runner. See if you can get them in for free or something. Have them check in with you every 15 minutes or something, maybe 10 minutes. Doing this sucks a lot.
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    Setup a wireless webcam and surf to it during your set? Just a thought. Oops, Viirus::.. beat me to it.

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