Full Hour Mash Up Mix - DJ B-Naut Presents: Doctor Moreau's Electro Luau
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    Lightbulb Full Hour Mash Up Mix - DJ B-Naut Presents: Doctor Moreau's Electro Luau

    The good people at NeedCoffee.com once reviewed a remix project I did years ago. Widgett Walls said in that review,
    "DJ B-Naut is THE Dr. Moreau of DJs. This man will commit sonic crimes against God and Humanity and never think twice about it."
    As with any of my full length mixes, there is a blend of several things happening:

    Doctor Moreau's Electro Luau Recipie:
    4 cups of Balls to the Wall Bass
    3 tablespoons Hard Rock
    Add a pinch of Top40 Clubbing
    2 Turntables
    Sprinkle a generous helping of, "Wait. That's NOT how that song is supposed to sound."
    Shock with lots of dirty Electro
    Add a dash of Old School Sensibility
    1 Splash of alcohol
    Beat and Mix very well

    This dish is best served hot. Feeds one to hundreds of guests. Don't forget to share.

    1. Meet Doctor Moreau (Intro)
    2. Welcome Back - The Kleptones
    3. Smack My Killer Bitch Up (Kid Kaos Mix) - Prodigy vs The Killers
    4. We Will Rock You - Queen (DJ Vini vs DJ Antoine Electro Remix)
    5. Smells Like Teen Spirit (2007 Patrick Alavi Rerox) - Nirvana
    6. Blurred - Adriano Ferre vs Blur Rerox
    7. Fake Warp To Bloody Mars (Bloody Beetroots & Fake Blood Mashup) - Hot Pink Delorean
    8. Spend My Money (The Mastertrons Vocal Remix) - Bass Kleph & Stellar MC
    9. Lik A G6 (The Prz Brothrs Remix) - Fr Est Movmnt Ft. Th Cataracs
    10. Favorite DJ - Clnton Sprks feat. DJ Clss & Jermane Dupr
    11. Jump Around (Electro Remix) - House of Pain
    12. Whoomp There It Is (Electro Bootleg 2010) - Tag Team
    13. Ain't No Television - Daft Punk vs. Chaka Kahn
    14. Sweet Dreams (Santiago Nino Remix) - Eurythmics
    15. Funk Nasty feat. Gram'ma Funk (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) - Andy Caldwell
    16. Voodoo Sabatoge (Prodigy vs Beastie Boys) - The Kleptones

    Let me know what y'all think on my Facebook and I'll keep it coming.

    Much love and respect to my fans.

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