I use to play for a hispanic following, but after a co-worker of mine took me to see deadmau5 about 3 years ago, I began my journey into EDM.
While deadmau5 was a gateway for a whole new world, I quickly fell in love with EDM, specifically house, progressive, electro, dubstep and trance.
I use to produce live shows for other hispanic DJs and promote parties as well, but no I have abondon my people, sorry guys to start in new journey into EDM.

I have recently started mixing and recording my sets after much practice.
I found this site and it filled my brain with so much usefull knowledge, thanks to DJTECHTOOL.COM i fell in love with the S4 and purchased my own.

Getting to the point, i have been introducing my sets to my old following but they are accepting it real slowly. Can you guys check out my latest mix and give you your reviews, would greatly appreciate it.

Figure you guys needs a break from seeing all the Traktor2 threads.

Thanks in advance....