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    Hello all tech toolers....

    Well i got TP and is fucking awesome, as you all know! I need to get my cue points added into my mpd... any suggestions on where i can find this in the preferences?

    Also with TP there is now 8 cue points i can make now on a track correct?

    And my last question while i am making a post, i just reformatted my computer and am using a clone of my old hard drive to view the library for TP. I know that this is probably just an issue of me plugging around a little more etc. But on certain tracks i am trying to load into various decks nothing shows up but the track is added to my track collection. Any of you all seen an issue regarding this on TP? When i had it on my previous computer (pre reformat) everything was perfect on loading tracks etc.

    thanks so much for the help~!!

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    For point one: You go to your MIDI Mapping panel, hit Add, HotCue, Jump to HotCue #1, and pick a pad.

    For point 2: Yes, there are 8 cue points, which can also be loops.

    For Point 3: I got nothin, maybe someone else does?
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