Quick Tutorial: Custom Bootlogo for Mac OSX
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    Default Quick Tutorial: Custom Bootlogo for Mac OSX

    Hey Guys,

    So I've been on these forums a while and I know how everyone here likes showing their style and uniqueness with all kinds of mods and stickers and graphics so I decided I'd contribute a little something. Right now there's a program out there called BootXchanger which changes your boot logo to whatever image you want (only works with small logo/image) and I've decided to do a quick step-by-step on how to change your bootlogo from the standard apple logo w/ startup sound to something better. Previously, changing the boot image required some knowledge of the mac osx system and finding the right files to rename and was generally a bit more of a hassle. Now with bootXchanger things are as simple as drag and drop.

    Step 1: Go to http://namedfork.net/bootxchanger and scroll down until you see the downloads area. Alternatively you can also go to http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/26516/bootxchanger to download the program.

    Step 2: Download BootXchanger and once downloaded open the .dmg file.

    Step 3: Drag and drop the BootXchanger icon to your applications folder. Go to your applications folder and open BootXchanger

    Step 4: Find a small image/logo that you want to replace with the bootlogo. This has to be an image file (I've only tried using jpg's so I can't guarantee other image file formats work). Once you have the file just drop it on your desktop.

    Step 5: Once your bootxchanger is open, drag the file from your desktop onto the big square under "Boot Image" in the application. If you've never changed your boot image before, the square will contain the standard grey apple logo. Once your image is dragged to the square, as you hover over it your cursor will change to the black cursor with a green "+" icon in it indicating that you can add a new image to replace your boot image. Drop the image onto the square and you will notice that the boot image has changed from the grey apple to your new image.

    Step 6: Below the Boot Image Square "Dropzone" you will notice a small rectangle with the words "Background Color" next to it. By clicking on the rectangle you can change the background color to work better with your boot image.

    Step 7: Once you have completed on the steps above, click "apply" and you will be prompted to verify the change by entering your system admin password (assuming you have set one up). To see your new boot image, simply restart your computer.

    Step 8: To change your boot image back to the default grey apple logo, simply open up bootxchanger again and click on the button "Default Image". This will return your boot image to the default setting.

    So there you have it! You now have a custom boot image! I've changed mine to the DJTT Pause/Play logo with a white background. I have attached the image file for you to just download then drag and drop into your bootxchanger.

    I'm in no way affiliated with BootXchanger or the creator and I simply thought this was a cool piece of software that the DJTT customization geeks would love.


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    cool man! ill try this out later!
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    No worries. Let me know how it worked out!

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    cool I gotta try this!
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    Just tried it, worked like a charm!

    Now just wait as all the honeys roll in to see my new pokemon boot logo..
    Or will pacman get me more?

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    I'll give this a go later, thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran-Craddock View Post
    Just tried it, worked like a charm!

    Now just wait as all the honeys roll in to see my new pokemon boot logo..
    Or will pacman get me more?
    Pacman mos' def'!
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