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    I've been dicking around in Ableton and creating sounds that i want to work into Traktor for the purpose of having things like white noise to sweep in or anything else that I can manipulate with the effects of Traktor and whatnot.
    However when I export the audio clips from Ableton and then bring them into Traktor, the tracks are rather quiet, and on the waveform (I'm NOT using Traktor 2 yet) there is very little visible. Additionally, and most frustratingly, Traktor cannot detect the BPM of the tracks, mainly because it's just noise and there isn't a BPM. what should be done about these issues?

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    volume: unless you've changed the default settings, live will export whatever goes through the master output. so if you've set your master volume low, your recording will be quiet. make sure you're just a tiny bit below 0db on the master.

    bpm: remember what BPM you exported your clip at, set a fixed grid inside traktor at that BPM rate - what's the problem?

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    for bpm just make a few kicks before the noise, that works aswel.

    if your not having enough dB, then put a compressor on the track put
    the threshold to the highest setting *that way as to not compress* and
    raise the make up gain.

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