How do you organize your audio files?
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    Default How do you organize your audio files?

    how i'm "using" audio greatly effects the way i organize my music, and with me liking so many different genres, my library can get messy once in a while.

    so now to keep it clean i start with year, then month, and then genre, because of the massive amount of music i get monthly. before i got to this point it was something like (genre, sub-genre, and then year) which was horrible!

    so i was wondering if anyone has any good organizing tips that have stuck with them over the years, without having to revamp your organizing habbits?

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    I let itunes organise my music tbh. My flow is a little like this:

    Download from internet music provider.
    Run through MIK4
    Copy into itunes library
    Rate and amend genre etc, add comments
    Delete from download folder.

    I then have smart playlists set up that sub catergorise into genre and also age;

    Added less than 1 week
    Added less than 2 weeks over 1 week
    Added 2 - 4 weeks
    Added over 4 weeks
    Added 2 months

    I find it's a good way to keep an eye on current stuff I have bought and might miss if it were all in 1 playlist.....
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    dont mean to sound rude, but this question pops up a bit... have a look here for some more tips and to see what people have to say before the mods jump in and lock/merge this thread.

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    because of my huge collection - over 190.000 titles - i've choosen a standard organization waht means <album-interpret>/<album>/<title>[version].
    that's to hold the operating system fast. the more files in a folder (windows) the slower the search.
    i manage my collection with "mp3tag", but only have .wma (looseless).

    i tag my songs in a special way. i use the "album-interpret" to manage the file-system.
    that means, that the normal "interpret" tag holds for example "Michael Jackson" than the "album-interpret" ist filled up with "Jackson, Michael"
    if it is a "soundtrack" from a movie, the album-interpret tag holds "soundtrack\movie" for creating the file structure.

    i allso wrote me a programm, that holds my file structure clean and moves files automatically on the tag basis. as a benefit, these programm allso sorts the .mxm files to the same location als the .wma

    for having access to the different genres, i tagged my files with multible entrys in the gene tag field, separated by ";" so i can access all cobinations by a search or create playlists on that basic.

    i tested around a long time, what's the best - and for a huge collection - for me thats the best way.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ponyboy View Post
    Run through MIK4
    What's this MIK4? Did a quick Google, couldn't find anything relevant..
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    It tells you the key of the song.

    To the OP, Josh's Google search above gives you a whole bunch of answers to your question. If you have more questions please ask in one of those threads.
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