"Mixing isn't really a talent" - a very angry man on reddit
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    Default "Mixing isn't really a talent" - a very angry man on reddit


    So I've (sojtucker on reddit) been doing my best to have a reasoned argument with this guy on reddit (you might need to expand his replies as they've been downvoted so hard) - he does have a couple of points, but doesn't seem to realise that not all amateur DJs are the same - there probably are a few out there who pirate music, software, and can't be bothered to learn to mix smoothly so they just pause/play.

    Yeah, anyway, just wanted to see what you guys thought.

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    I'm beyond arguing over me or anyone else playing music for other people to listen to...

    It's so passť.

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    What a dumb guy!

    Yes, DJing is easier nowadays and is much easier to learn than using vinyls I'd say. However, it's still an instrument used to express yourself, and a skill to be able to do it well. Also, an offspin of it being easier and more accessible is that DJs are now, more than ever before, challenging themselves in other ways by producing music/remixes. This involves an entire other set of skills like learning about/how to play synths, oscillators (which are actual instruments) etc as well as how to master audio tracks. Also, DJing well is arguably harder, as often the crowd don't know what you're gonna play so you have to read the crowd and make snap judgements. Guitar based bands will often have "their" fans there to see them who the band know are gonna like them, even smaller bands in smaller venues usually playing to friends and family.

    Funny that someone playing a guitar is seen as talented by him but someone capable of DJing well, producing their own songs well, remixing other peoples songs well and, if need be, probably master the guitarists band to make them sound good is seen as talentless. That's obviously a person just wanting to stir things up and create and arguement for no reason.

    He probably doesn't even realise that lots of non "electronic" based music out there have layered electronically created drum loops, synths etc on them to create the musical layers. Even rock bands in the 60s were using things like synths to layer and beef up their sounds!

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    people tend to say so on if they don't have a clue, heard this about alot of topics. there is just one useful answer each time:

    "if it's so easy, go up there and try for yourself"

    i agree that the technical part of mixing two or 3 tracks isn't spectacular, but proper djing takes alot more than that.
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    Give the man a cookie and some milk so he can go to bed and take his nappy.

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    Duerr, I can't thank you enough.

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    Did he pay for his arguement ?


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