Last weeks show is up for you kerrazy kids - I had a bit of a funk wig out in the middle of this one, so be warned!

Tracklisting was

Naughty By Nature / O.P.P Melody (Jim Sharp Re-Edit)
Missy Elliot vs Martin Brew / Work It (DJ Soo's Hopscotch Blend)
Beenie Man & Ms Thing vs Me & You vs Roni Size / Brown Paper Dude (DJ Soo Edit)
Unforscene / Oh Lord (feat. Kirris Riverre)
Flevans / 12 Apostles
Reuben Bell / Superjock (Stickybuds Edit)
Rephrase / Jelly Jam
Mark Walton / Got It Like (John Ohms Mix)
Fdel / Rocksteady
Breakbeat Junkie & DJP / Let The Record Play
Fab Samperi / In The River (CMC & Silenta Remix)
Dagwood / GO Like This
Fort Knox Five vs The Beatles / Revolution (DC's Finest Remint)
Sims / Burn It Down
Ann Mason / You Can't Love Me (In The Midnight Hour)
Ann Sexton / You're Losing Me
Kokolo / Soul Power (Lack of Afro Remix)
Clifford Curry / Soul Ranger
Rufus Thomas / I Think I Made A Boo Boo
Haggis Horns / Cockroach Grind (feat Nia Saw)
Spanky Wilson / You
Freedom Now / Sissy Walk
The Bamboos / Get In The Scene (Feat Ohmega Watts)
Delta / The Lines (feat Mojo The Cinematic)
The Gentlemans Club / Be Careful What You Wish For!
DJ Format / Charity Shop Soundclash
Skitz / Vocal Workout (feat Riddla)
Braintax / Back To The Riviera
Kashmere Stage Band / Ain't No Sunshine (J Rocc Remix)
One Self / Bluebird
Ave Blaste / Raw MPC Sushi
The Ambassadors / Ain't Got The Love
The Charmels / As Long as I've Got You
DJ Shadow / I've Been Trying
The Beekeepers / Dark Ascending