I-Mix Reload - TraktorPro Headphone issue
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    Default I-Mix Reload - TraktorPro Headphone issue

    Having some real problems guys could use some help. I bought the I-mix and just went to Best Buy to get an external soundcard. I got the Behringer UFO202. The mater output is working fine. However, I am unable to cue out of my headphones. The headphone option does not come up in Traktor Pro (it just says Speaker 0 and 1 which are currently Master output). I tired plugging my headphones into the headphone jack on the UFO202 but nothing happened. I then plugged it into my laptop's headphone jack and still nothing happened. Please Help!

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    you might have it setup in external mode
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    Nah it's in internal

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    You might want to try to install the latest ASIO drivers for your laptop. Check on the manufacturer's website for the drivers and try to install them, see if that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesC View Post
    you might have it setup in external mode
    Hey Jes - I was tweaking my S4/TP2 set-up for a gig tomorrow and have also 'lost' my headphone cue/mix on the S4, yet its on the laptop. Any ideas?
    internal - check
    S4asio - check
    ASIO driver on laptop - check
    Sound out (via 6.3mm balanced) - check
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