Thesis on digital djing
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    Default Thesis on digital djing

    Doing a thesis on why djs should switch from cds/vinyl to digital..

    This is what i have for now..

    1) You can have all of your tunes with you everywhere you go
    2) You can locate any tune immediately
    3) Donít have to put your music into the luggage when flying
    4) No relying on record companies to send you hard-to-find tunes
    5) You can remix a tune on the fly without having to buy two copies
    6) Vinyl is Dead.
    7) Increased creativity
    8) Easier Library Management
    9) More Effects built-in without being on a mixer

    Can everyone add on it would be greatly appreciated thank you beforehand
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    Hm...I think something along the lines of pros/cons of digital vs. vinyl/cd and why digital is becoming exceedingly more popular would help you get a lot further

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    10) Have Mirrored hard drives just in case you computer goes bad/broken/stolen
    11) Share playlist of sets with SSL/Traktor
    12) Work on playlist or organize set's on the fly, without being behind the dj booth
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    13) Being able to buy a tune and spin it in less than 5mins
    14) Versatility and customization of controllers to suit the user's taste
    15) Updates no longer take years to develop (think CDJ firmware)
    16) Portability, have a lappy and some simple setup in your bag and being able to gig pretty much everywhere.

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    17) (at least for me) physically faster from song to song. - No more digging through crates to find the next track.
    18) Save money on pain management for chronic back pain from lugging 50 lbs of records around (though this may be a con for some )
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    19) Future Proof (we all switched to CD's, digital is next)
    20) Flexible and customizable setup (previously you used Technics or CDJ's, not many other options that were considered viable)
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    #6 seems worthless. If #6 is true, your thesis has no value as it has already been accepted. Beyond that, it is clearly false because vinyl is still being utilized.

    For the record, I don't own a single record but I still think #6 does not belong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirkgently31 View Post
    #6 seems worthless. If #6 is true, your thesis has no value as it has already been accepted. Beyond that, it is clearly false because vinyl is still being utilized.

    For the record, I don't own a sing record but I still think #6 does not belong.
    I agree, but wouldn't be so harsh. Vinyl isn't dead. It is currently a niche and will continue to be.
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    21 you can handle request much easier.
    22 downsized equipment and more versatile
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    23. Save Money don't have to pay 15 bucks for one song on an LP you like. Just a couple of bucks
    for 1 song

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