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    Hello everyone on the internets, just seeing if anyone can help me with a problem. I got a new hp laptop and have been having cpu spikes while mixing. I dont know why this is happeneing. Maybey a install problem or conflicting programs. Thanks guys also im on windows 7, and traktor pro 1
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    sounds like you have too much running in the background.

    check the system tray by your clock and see what icons are there, shut off things you dont need.
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    Start by disabling WiFi, Bluetooth, Infrared etc. Then (as xtianw suggests) move through your System tray and close anything that doesn't look useful.

    Depending on your aptitude with computers (read: how brave/good at guessing you are), you could run 'msconfig' and untick un-needed programs under the Startup tab.

    Stuff that's totally useless for example would be: quicktime updater, java updater, adobe updater, itunes updater. And basically anything else with reference to "auto-update".

    It's also an idea to go into your Programs and Features (inside Control Panel) and start uninstalling all the useless pre-installed junk that HP loves to throw on its systems.

    Good luck!

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