Hunter Vaughan - Krakken EP
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    Default Hunter Vaughan - Krakken EP

    Listen & Buy at: BEATPORT

    1. Hunter Vaughan - Krakken

    The Loops of Fury
    10 Rapid
    The Omega Men

    Press Release

    It is with great pleasure that Death Proof Recordings introduces you to its first release… Hunter Vaughan’s ‘Krakken’. The young American has stepped up to the plate and given what we believe to be the epitome of Techfunk. It’s a resounding statement of what he’s capable of and what we, the label, are going to be bringing to the table.

    And to ensure we made our statement clear, a remix package of the highest calibre was brought forward, bringing the shining lights of the underground and recent times to the table.Including 10 Rapid, The Loops Of Fury, Hi! Population & The Omega Men.

    Listen & Buy at: BEATPORT


    Meat Katie: Wicked Package.Loads of usable mixes.
    Dylan Rhymes: It all sounds wicked. I would play all these mixes.Nice to see quality & pride going into the label.
    Elite Force: The Loops smashed it for sure.
    Lee Coombs: awesome first release! Like em all but in particular 10 Rapid and Loops of Fury.Top stuff!
    Vandal: This a big debut release from both artist and label. Exceptional production across the board. Great to see strong new talent freshening up the techfunk scene.
    The Micronauts: I like very much the Omega Men Remix inventive blend of techfunk, deep and hardcore techno.
    The Bulgarian: nice one! Loops and Omega mixes do it for me.
    Taster Peter: the original & the loops of fury's remix are really HOT! will play for sure!
    The Dolphins: the whole project it's so cool!
    Alex Gopher: downloaded
    Maelstrom: WOW 10 rapid and LOF mixes are M*therf*ckin HEAVY !!!!
    Robosapiens: Really strong package here. Loving the Omega men late night warehouse vibe wkd stuff. Also loved the 10Rapid.
    Audiojack: Downloading
    Sharooz: Will give it a try. Thanks for sending!
    Peo De Pitte: Original really nice, will be playing 10 Rapid of Loops of Fury, both really good!!!
    Aquasky: yeah pretty strong collection of tunes, like the original mix a lot
    Circuit Freq: Loving the whole package guys!
    Mike Hulme: Rather awesome remix from the Loops (not that I'm surprised!)
    Fine Cut Bodies: Banger stuff guys!
    Rektchordz: What an Absolute fantastic start to a label! Such great music, presented with such class... I'm keeping a close eye on these boys!
    Johan Soh: Good stuff. Supported.
    Aniki: Nice first release! Gonna drop these for sure!
    Hexadecimal: Awesome!
    Larry Tee: scary!
    Doc Trashz: Cool, support it! thanks

    Listen & Buy at: BEATPORT

    Label Website:

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    This is a wicked set of tracks! BIG tunes!!

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    But I liked it!! Thanks for letting me know about other good stuff !Done!
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    Big up to this guy, Hunter Vaughn is one of the best producers in Dallas. Show some support for this guy and buy his tracks/remixes!

    -DJ Gleebs

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