VCI 100... am I Missing something ?!?!
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    Default VCI 100... am I Missing something ?!?!

    Hey guys - pardon the ignorance, I am brand new to the scene... I am really curious as to why it seems everyone has a VCI-100 SE, and no one has a VCI - 100 MKII ??

    I purchased an MK II because I had a couple extra dollars to upgrade, and having a little buyers remorse because it seems no one has this unit and I am looking for tips on use and trying to find youtube tutorials but everyone has a 100SE??

    Can someone provide a little input as to if I am just crazy or why this seems to be the case..
    Thanks guys! Look forward to contributing to this forum in the future!


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    well, i guess the main reason is that the vci-100 has been around for a few years now, the mkII only came out late last year i think. the mkI is ALOT more robust, being made of metal where as the mkII is plastic. also the guys here at djtt did a number of custom mappings and mods for the original which gave it a lot more functonality. in fact tbh the general feeling about the mkII is that its been a bit of a downgrade in quality, for a built in soundcard, 4 deck control (which is possible with a simple mapping anyway...) and tension adjustment on the jog wheels.

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    I much prefer the mk1 for the reasons listed above. I guess the mk1 approached market saturation too, which is probably why very few people bought/used/youtubed the mk2
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    Really appreciate the honest responses, I was extremely confused... I hope I didn't make the wrong decision... I am a newb so I didn't want to deal with complicating things with sound cards, and I won't be traveling too much so the durability of the actually unit didn't matter. The units seem similar enough that i can probably watch tips/tutorials for the VCI 100 SE and translate it to the MK2 : )

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    As long as you've got buttons, sliders and knobs you can make anything do what the mk1 does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSteve81 View Post
    As long as you've got buttons, sliders and knobs you can make anything do what the mk1 does.
    not quite. unless you have bomes to recreate the extra midi notes at the ends of the faders etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fullenglishpint View Post
    not quite. unless you have bomes to recreate the extra midi notes at the ends of the faders etc.
    technically, both just control traktor... so what ever traktor can do, they can both be mapped to do.

    layout out, build and physical functionality may differ but all end results in traktor can be achieved in either controller...

    Personally i like my vci se and wouldnt swap it but i can see a lot of positives with the mkii.

    Learn to rock it on what you have... all about good music and selection at the end of the day

    NB the vci se is what this site is all about and cause they're built solid they don't really need replacing.

    the s4 seems to be the controller than made people hang up their VCI's as far as i can tell
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    This is all great info, thanks so much for the warm welcome guys... can't wait to share my sets with you all!

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    was gonna get a mkII to replace my current one, but you know... money

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