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    I am trying to play with 4 decks in traktor pro 2 by just using the mc6000 as the mixer but my setup is off. If someone is aware of the setup here's where I am so far.
    1-set the switch on the back of the unit to pc mix
    2-set the mc6000 channel input switches to midi/ midi and channel
    3-?? If someone has the time, I have added a link to a word file with photos of my input and output routing plus my audio setup.

    Thanks, Peter

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    let me check first if i understand what your sayin

    u want to use your mc6 as a mixer(external mode) in traktor pro?
    thats only possible for 2 channels not for 4.
    or use internal mix in traktor. i know its not the same but its not that bad either.
    and if u want to use 4 channel internal in traktor just switch to internal mode as u already did and then u have to put the master on the 1 and 2 and the monitor on 3 and 4
    that would be it
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