Buildups Part 2: Echo
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    Default Buildups Part 2: Echo

    The 3rd technique Ean uses - anyone know how to work that on Traktor? The way I understand it, the effect needs to be post fader, which the effects in Traktor aren't?

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    Actually, maybe the freeze button would work for this.

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    Ean says pre-fader in the video, maybe he made a mistake, or maybe he meant something else but the result of the effect is definitely post fader delay sound.

    Traktor has no post fader, which to me is a major over sight by Native Instruments.

    One work around, as suggested above is the freeze function.

    HOWEVER, I prefer doing a layered mapping kind of thing, for 1 button. I'm not at home right now so I can't be %100 sure about it, but I map a button kind of like this.

    1 mapping to select the timing of the delay
    1 mapping to activate the delay
    1 mapping to cancel the signal coming in. (this is the part I can"t recall the specifics of at the moment, I think I also map this button to a gater, with settings that cut out the incoming signal.)

    I have 3 buttons on my APC40 mapped in this way for Deck A and B. each button activates a different delay "time." So I can just mash a button and get a delay fading out with different timings. Psuedo post fader style until NI gets a clue on the issue.

    Anyways I will try to post the specifics when I get home later, if no one else chimes in.

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    run a gater pre echo, that'll cut the sound out

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