Going over a few of my old freestyled mixes (basically just practicing for shits and giggles), I found that I did a lot of weird little things with my knobs/wheels that actually made the songs a lot better, even if unintentional. And By weird I don't mean filter stuff, I mean things you don't really see (backspinning the previous track every 4th beat with a reverb over it, I found for one track, improved a lot of the old sounds and made the mix into the next track that much more fluid. Also sudden cuts to the next track that aren't necessarily consistent with the regular beat pattern add a good amount of tension when it might most be needed)

I'm not saying this is uncommon to djing, but it's the kind of little things you find like that that just can't be explained in tutorials. Those little deck tricks or abnormal/out of sync touches that still somehow fit perfectly with the song that give your mixes that extra touch of magic. But I digress, does anybody else have examples of little things they found within their practice sessions that aren't really "run of the mill" techniques, but still work like a charm?