RGAS - Rapid Gear Aquisition Syndrome
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    Default RGAS - Rapid Gear Aquisition Syndrome

    Please light one for my bank account.

    I've spent more since I got into controllerism (the last couple of months) than I have in 3 years. Can someone say Black Card Candidate? I can't. Too broke. I've gone through phases before where I spend large sums at once, but never in this quantity.

    I got a Kontrol S4, Odyssey Flight Case for the S4, Midi Fighter, Scratch Upgrade for the S4, Fluorescent Orange Control Vinyl, M-Audio Axiom Pro 49, Pro Tools 9, Ableton Suite 8, Novation Launchpad (kind of free from the parents [A Nice Gift I might Add.]), 8GB RAM, 1TB WD Scorpio Blue Hard Drive, Denon HP-1000 Headphones, A Shit Ton of Jasmine Tea (Not Sure Why, but it tastes and smells like...well...amazing.) and Shure SE215 IEMs.

    Like...What the Hell. What happened to my generally behaved spending habits... I'd assume that I'm also not the only one in this boat either, so along with lighting one for me, pour one for the foreclosed homies.
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    I feel ya man. Since January I've bought (and sold some) all of this. Not including all of the new music I've added to my collection.

    Numark Mixtrack (sold)
    Traktor Pro (sold)
    Audio 4 DJ
    Rokit RP8s
    Kontrol S4
    Kontrol X1
    TSP2 Upgrade

    I guess I can count my Toughbook too since I bought it with the sole intention of it being my DJ laptop. And I bought RAM, spare battery, and Win7Pro for it as well.

    The only thing left on my list is a new mixer. But I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

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    I'm absolutely in the same boat.

    In the last ~2 years I've bought:

    Behringer BCD2000 (which I still own but lives in a box).

    Numark Omni Control (sold to a mate)

    Vestax VCI-100SE (DIY)

    NI Audio 2 DJ

    Pioneer DJM-600 (waiting to be sold)

    Pioneer DJM-800

    KRK RP5s

    Acoustic Energy AE22s (present)

    2 Technics 1200 mk2s


    NI Kontrol X1 with bag

    Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones

    Traktor Scratch Pro with Audio 8

    Traktor Scratch Pro 2 software upgrade

    and a korg nanokontrol (cos it was cheap in the sale)

    ....did I win? I'm not done yet
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    Since January I bought (together with a mate):
    Audio 8 DJ
    reloop RMX - 40
    2x NI kontrol X1

    and within two weeks from now, a APC40 and APC20 will be added...
    I might be infected too...

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    I hear ya mate, since getting into controllerism I've spent a shit load.

    At first it was just my 17" Hp laptop, Traktor Pro, RMX and Senn 205's.

    Since getting more involved and "Pro" its changed slightly... Now I have:

    2011 Macbook Pro 15" i7 - $1900
    Kontrol S4 - $899
    Kontrol X1 - $199
    Audio 2 - Free
    Pioneer HDj 2000 - $240

    So in the last cpl of months I've spent about $3240 not to mention the hundreds of $$$ spent on Beatport!

    GAS FTW!!!
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    Hello Friends, my name is Coldfuzion and I suffer from GAS as well.

    At first I didn't think it was this bad, but now that I look back ... it has turned into a bad addiction. I have ruined my bank accounts balance.

    Welcome to fucking DJs anonymus.

    I started DJing on November 1st, 2010. Since then I have had one small retail job making minimum wage which I quit in January. This is a list of gear I have acquired since November:

    Kontrol S4 - $1010
    Maschine - $520
    AKG K702 - $275
    Novation SL 49 MK II - $320
    MIDI Fighter - $240
    KRK Rokits - $210 (Thank God for Gianmarco or I would've have blown $420)
    MacBook Pro 15" i7 - $2900
    Uberstand - $87

    Please keep in mind these are the prices I actually paid, so it's after tax and the S4, Maschine, and MacBook include a 3 year accidental damage coverage.
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    Over the last 3/4 years:

    Acer Aspire 3690 (Celeron 1.77GHz/1gb RAM/80gb HD) (sold)
    Numark DM1050 (sold)
    Roland DJ-1000 (sold)
    Behringer BCD3000 (sold)
    M-Audio Oxygen8 v2 (sold)
    Technics RPDJ1200 (sold)
    2GB RAM and 250gb WD Blue HD upgrades
    M-Audio UC33 (sold)
    Korg Nanopad (sold)
    Korg Nanokontrol (sold)
    Akai APC40 (sold)
    NI Audio Kontrol 1 (sold)
    Macbook Pro 13,3" Late 09 (2.26GHz 2gb RAM, 160gb HD) (current)
    500gb WD Scorpio Blue
    NI Audio 8DJ (sold)
    NI Kontrol S4 (current)
    NI Kontrol X1 (current)
    Pioneer HDJ-2000 (current)
    8gb RAM upgrade

    Planning to buy a good 49 keys keyboard, Maschine and some good monitors to get my home studio back on tracks.

    [KILLSELF]I'm not posting any numbers, but estimate an aproximate of 60-100% over US prices...[/KILLSELF]
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    Deam padi thats alot!

    I can see we all suffer from the same condition!
    2013 MBPr 13" | X1 mk2 | TSP 2 | A6 | DJM 900 nexus | HD 25 UBER Aluminum's | Technics sl1210 mk2's | Logic Pro 9

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    Numark Omni
    Traktor Pro
    Audio 2 DJ
    MPK Mini
    Kontrol S4

    + a ridiculous amount of music from beatport, iTunes and juno... MUST STOP BUYING MUSIC.

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    Since January I have purchased

    Numark Stealth (used from a friend and started this whole mess)
    HP envy 14 (since I was tired of lugging the alienware to work)
    Uberstand (cant just have the new laptop sitting on the counter at my gig)
    Traktor Pro (traktor 3 wasnt doing it for me anymore)
    Audio 4 DJ (hated Asio4all)
    Mono 365 bag (had to have something to carry all this new gear in)
    Midifighter (cant wait to get this thing)

    Now as I decide whether or not to get into full production and not just remixy/mashup stuff, its me starting to look at hardware and synths and VST's

    Never ending cycle of gear addiction.

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