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Thread: Mixing Hip Hop

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    Default Mixing Hip Hop

    Lo peeps, I am having difficulty with mixing Hip Hop

    Just cant seem to get it, it doesn't flow right or always sounds shite when removing the old track :S
    Do you guys ever fade out or just slam everytime you remove the old track? How do you go about mixing in tracks half way through one another? Not just fading at the end?!

    I have been mixing for 11 years (Hard House/Trance/Techno) so know my way around it all and what sounds good! Prolly why I am so impatient with this haha ( Not sure if that's relevant! )

    Am using an S4 just for reference....

    Also, cant seem to get the cue point juggling working with HipHop, can with my usual genres but I sound like a 4year old with HipHop! :eek: Any advice there?!

    Nice swan,

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    Slamming and backspinning really
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    that's because mixing hiphop well is harder than it looks haha! Intro edits/loops/and knowing when to slam make a good hip-hop mix

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    I really try not to backspin at all. It just doesnt sound good to me. Transitioning in hip-hop is just more pronounced and has a lot to do with timing. There's really no smooth blending as you would do a lot of with EDM. Just need to be a lot more aware of counting beats. Most songs are 8 beat counts and some can be 4 or 16. There's some songs that I know sound better if I drop the 1st beat on the 2nd beat or 6th (etc..) beat of the song I'm transitioning from. I have some recorded sets (not as proffesional or clean as a demo) that I made for a promoter friend to listen to. It's all crappy commercial radio stuff if you care at all.

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    slams all day. i find hiphop realll challenging to mix.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xonetacular View Post
    Ya I've heard one song. It's called Skrillex.
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    It's all about phrasing with hip hop. A trick I use is to put a cue at the start of verses, chorus and breaks. This will give you a visual cue of how long you have to overlap parts. Hooks aren't always the same length even in the same song so watch out for that.

    Another trick is to mix into the instrumental of a song first then mix into the non-instro version. You could also loop a clean instrumental section of a song in case you dont have the instro.

    Hope this helps... check out my soundcloud if you want to hear some of those ideas in play and I am more than happy to help you if I can!



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    Really short loops or slams. Gotta keep it quick. Find some tracks with extended intros/outros.

    I learned to mix hip-hop on battle break records. I found it to be good practice 'cause you can just focus on the beats and how they fit together.

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    Hip hop is most of what I mix. I know it's sacrilege around here, but I just don't care for a lot of EDM. I do mostly hip hop, a little pop and Top 40. Some dance stuff every now and then.

    The trick is swing. Hip hop has much more of it than dance music does and it's something you have to be more mindful of. Ean posted some tips recently for blending songs with different swings that might be helpful.

    I also find with hip hop that you want to match specifically the snares. If you try to match the kicks, it's just not going to work. If you get the snares to line up, you can go a lot farther with it.

    Slams are definitely useful in hip hop, but it always feels like a last ditch effort to me unless it's a track that's just perfect and is going to crush. I use them, but you definitely can blend and the same sorts of transitional stuff you do with dance.
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    First, turn off sync if you're using it. Most of the difficulty in mixing hip-hop is WHERE you decide to mix in and out of. Mixing during the chorus is always preferable. If you need to cheat a little, find the intro-outro/quick cut versions of songs.
    Slams and backspins are for when you CAN'T mix two tracks, or for when you screw up a transition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prohibited View Post
    Lo peeps, I am having difficulty with mixing Hip Hop

    Just cant seem to get it
    First four lines of Rapper's Delight pretty much nails it for me
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