Hi Guys,

I'm looking at buying some cd's online.
Although I would love to buy individual mixes from Beatport it'll work out too expensive for me.
Music changes too fast to keep up.

I need to buy the everyday radio music or pop hits but in a good club or dance mix.
This is tricky as my sets move from light to heavy being from 8pm until 3 am in the mornings.

So I need to take it up right to Electro.

These would be hits like Pit Bull - Rihanna - Bruno Mars - Beyonce etc...

Which Music Compilation CD's should I consider buying.

There are so many and I don't know where to start.

Previously I would buy cd's local or order but it's mostly not what I need.
You also do not get more than 3 songs at a time from a cd.

Basically cd's with mixable songs.

Thank you