Newbie to DJTT and Digital Djing altogether!
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    Default Newbie to DJTT and Digital Djing altogether!

    Hey everyone i'm new to the website and forum and wanted to introduce myself. Names TurboDank, I came to the website after seeing a video about the S4 on youtube. DJing has really interested me, esp the S4, and ive been saving up money to get one. I am completly new to the Digital Dj world and dont know if an s4 would be the best thing to start with... everything ive read so far on the forum though talks about how much people like it and i believe if i get one i will spend alot of time with it. Any opinions or comments would be cool. i just wanted to get the introduction out of the way lol. Thanks

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    ^Yep.. couldn't have said it better myself.

    but, think about what you wanna spin and how and for who, and then build your kit accordingly. The s4 is good for an all in one (i love it tbh) but ive seen people rock out with the simplest of gear.

    its just all about how you use it. (wish someone woulda told me this before i started buyin shit. lol. coulda saved a bunch of money.)
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    welcome aboard


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    First off, welcome. Really the S4 is pretty nice and seems to be the best bang for your buck (software, sound card, and 1:1 controller for 900) but really you really should go somewhere where you can buy this stuff and really sit down with the equipment and play around with it. it's really the best advice. I wouldn't buy a guitar without playing it so why should I treat a different instrument in the same manner.
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