Hi All,

So, I've spent the last few days researching and building my own custom midi controller. I wanted it to be an experiment in minute electrical engineering as well as a viable piece for when I screw around with TP2. Now, I've run into a few hurdles along the way, and I wondered if maybe someone would be kind enough to help me alleviate my issues or point me in the right direction.

Here are the problems I have encountered:

1. Software - I am using a program called Serial2Midi for "communication" with my controller as well as a program called Loopbe1. Both were freeware, but as such they have little tweaks that I have encountered. Most noticeably is the latency between the midi signal being received and the specific control being triggered in Traktor. (I tried to get MidiYoke to configure on my Win7 machine to no avail. I about hurled my entire laptop across the room in frustration.) Is there any software or tricks that I'm missing here for those who have Non-MidiFighter DIY controllers?

2. My buttons trigger fine, but the linear faders that I have are sluggish in response to changes. (I use the faders as master volume for each channel in TP2) I find that adjustments tend to take a few seconds to register, even with a relatively small CPU load. Any mapping tips that will improve the performance of the faders? I tend to drop tracks out and back in consistently and would like to be able to do quick volume changes for drama in my mixes.

Any help is appreciated.