new macbook pro having lil glitchin issues w/ serato itch 1.7, HELP please!!
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    Default new macbook pro having lil glitchin issues w/ serato itch 1.7, HELP please!!

    Hello my Tech family,

    okay i just a macbook pro to run with serato itch 1.7 and later im hopin it can run my problem is that..they small delays between loading track... the setup load up great both hardware and software, only when load track i have the problem... the most i done was delete the currupt files and scan my music specs are;

    2.2 ghz quad-core intel core i7
    6mb shared level 3 cache
    4gb of 1333mhz ddr3 sdram
    750 gb 5400 rpm hard drive
    15inch screen
    Intel HD graphics 3000
    Amd radeon hd 675m graphics processor w/ 1gb of gddrs memory

    and i bought this from a regular retail store....IF you think i need to have built up from Apple store, please let me know... its amazing what you have go thru to run one software... wow

    PS... much love to all you Djs and fans, keep holdin it down!!!

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    have you tried the Itch forum?

    there's a sticky for Mac users to turn off auto graphics
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    I had problems with glitches in my MBP. Some hard drive Beeps, freezes etc...

    First thing I did was to restore permissions in the Disc Utility, Second in the Energy Saver control panel I unchecked "put hard disk to sleep when possible" and third I fallowed the instructions on this forum to tweak my drive settings

    Hope that helps, good luck
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