My first club mix.. FEEDBACK PLEASE!
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    Default My first club mix.. FEEDBACK PLEASE!

    Hey, what up guys. I am literally just getting into the club music scene. I grabbed Virtual DJ 3 days ago and have been hooked ever since. Anyways, I feel like I have a really great library of songs for the clubs in my area (Southern Ontario) so I thought why not try DJing. I made this mini mix to give the club managers in my area a little of sample of what I can bring to the table. This is actually one of the first legit mixes I have made so it would be definitely be great to get some tips from some more experienced DJ's. I really want to start getting serious with this so feel free to throw any ideas out there. Thanks in advance!

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    Use effects/cue points/make things your own with your own flavor...especially with the dubstep parts as you can really fuck around with dubstep (example and self promotion dubstep mix on there...theres a electro/house one too if you wanna get an idea on some cool things with effects you can do with house music too)
    for transitions:
    didnt sound like you beatmatched in the first transition and it was was to short

    seems like the second transition is off by a bar and eventually unbeatmatches but you cut the first track so it wasnt to noticable

    5:38 another transition? cause if so that one was good...quick...but good

    @720:not beatmatched again

    same at the transition at 9:00

    whatever your doing with the pitchbend at the end=sounded really bad...sorry no offence but im being honest

    Hope this helps...heres some articles that might help you

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    thanks for the help brotha! much appreciated!
    exactly what i needed to get on the right track, ill check out your stuff and see if i can pick some stuff up

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