Hello DJTT

Another Weekend report from Ryan Leo:

I'm saving this draft because I have plans to create a blog/website once I figure out exactly what it is I want to achieve and how to go about doing it.

So for now I'll just post them as threads on the forum.

I played Thrusday, Friday and Saturday at Escape.

I was playing upstairs by myself on Thrusday. It was pretty slow because exams are going on now, but I got spin for 5 hours. Thus far, everyone is impressed with me. Nothing but good vibes getting received and I'm very grateful! I'm now using my X1+midi-fighter(instant grad) along with the house mixer when I'm upstairs.

There is a DJM800 and a DJM400 available to use at the club. I used the DJM800 and I can't say I really like the way it sounds I guess? Maybe it a comfort thing. If someone asked me if I could choose between my Denon x120 and either of the pioneer models, I'd take my denon. It seems like the frequency bands in the equalizer are weighted differently and I don't like how the pioneer responds? Maybe I would be more happy with a higher end Denon one of these days.

Friday night there was a booked event that happens every 2 weeks called "Fung Swey"(sp) Fridays. There was a little tangle with the event so I finished playing at 12:30.

Saturday night I played downstairs while "Floor Play 2" was going on upstairs.
Im really starting to warm up to using the midi fighter as a effect controller. I think it is a great choice for anyone considering. great for subtle things. I dont see the lo-fi as a useful sound though.

Now that I'm over using a powered usb hub I'll probably be taking out the X1 if I can create a mapping for my other midi-fighter for transport functions.

Using the midi-fighter for effects opens up all those pretty knobs for something.

Maybe if Traktor 2 becomes more stable I'll upgrade. 2 midifighters in 4 banks mode and X1 controlling the samples. Then I'll just need a 4 channel mixer! Or maybe that way I could get away with a 2 channel...which would be amazing.

Thanks for watching, take a minute and leave some of your insight!