An interesting take on the EDM scene
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    Default An interesting take on the EDM scene

    Just came across this article on another forum, thought I would share:

    Some memorable quotes:

    A digital download has no costs at all. The logical outcome was distribution that granted any piece of music total availability, with the downside of being the most inefficient way of distribution ever: what should I download when there are five billion files to choose from? Whom should I bless with my attention? Do I have any attention to spare?
    Interestingly, the so called “democratization” of music production and distribution didn’t change this allocation of relevant income to the majors’ detriment at all.
    There’s this die-hard belief that income, at least for the musicians (but not for the professional environment), will come from the fees for live performances instead. But how do you get live performances in the first place? Well, press helps. The problem encountered there is that the media has adapted to the state of the music industry. In electronic music that means whoever succeeds in producing two singles may find himself covered by all relevant press and booked throughout the club circuit, just to be replaced by the next “lucky fool” (a term from stock speculation) about three months later.
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    Yeah dude, my friend linked this to me a few days ago, really honest and raw point of view that seems to be more true the more I think about it. And the title nails it on the head as well,

    "Everything that is popular is wrong"

    People need to try and be more unique instead of just trying to copy what ever is hot at the moment. *cough*Toolroom*cough*SHM*

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