Royal Mail? Royal Fail more like!!
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    Default Royal Mail? Royal Fail more like!!

    So i have been waiting patiently for my Midi Fighter to clear customs since April 12th, finally the website updates this morning to say it is at foreign delivery unit @ 7.15am, all excited I sit by the front door (well, not literally, my office/studio is the next room) waiting for the buzzer to go, which is doesn't, at all....

    So I went to the gym at noon and got back at 1.30pm, update the tracking site and it says "attempted delivery abroad at 10.27am" lying barstewards!!!!! No knock on the door, no "failed delivery" notice, nothing (double sadface)

    To think I would have had the midi fighter I have been waiting 5 weeks for AND a legitimate excuse to body-swerve the gym session!

    Spewing, now I will have to sit by the front door again tomorrow waiting for a parcel which might or might not arrive

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    Mate you'll be waiting a while. You have to go and pay the import tax before they even attempt to deliver. I got mine in march. It was dealt with by UPS and I had to go to the local depot to pay the tax and collect. I think I rang the royal mail enquiries number off their website and found out where it was that way. DONT wait for them to deliver cos you'll be waiting a LONG time.
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    yeah you will need to head down your local post office they will be holding it to ransom they do it on all items shipped in over a certain amount i paid 24
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    I was able to pay cash when going to pick mine up. A small price to pay for that little box of awesome.

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