My new LP! FREE DL = Jerry Beeks & Audio Ad - This aint America is it? 2011
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    Default My new LP! FREE DL = Jerry Beeks & Audio Ad - This aint America is it? 2011

    Hey DJTT folks,

    Here is my debut LP and it's completely free! It's a UK & Bronx collaboration project. I produced all the music on this album and Jerry Beeks took care of the vocals. If you like 90s style Boom Bap hip hop you will like this


    Jerry Beeks and Audio Ad This Ain’t America Is It?

    Back on the Grind, Jerry Beeks returns with his long awaited second LP This Ain’t America is it? The Bronx Native has teamed up with the UK’s Audio Ad for Production and DJ duties to create an Album that looks back to the Golden Boom Bap era of Hip Hop, whilst still moving forwards creatively. The Duo are releasing the album for free digitally to reconnect with Hip Hop Fans and stake their claim in the modern musical arena.
    Beeks’ 2001 debut recording The Crop Report (Wall of Sound/Bad Magic) gained critical acclaim and Audio Ad became his DJ for the Promotional Tour. They made contact again over the web and Ad soon became Jerry’s Go-To Guy for the beats on this new project.

    Here's one of the tracks called 'single mother'


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    I'm halfway through this and so far every song has been top notch. Beats are great and the rhymes are solid. Great stuff!!!
    Chris Jennings FHP

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