I have recently purchased traktor pro 2 and am in the process of moving my audio collection from my desktop mac to a macbook pro. I use external HD's on each system. I have a glyph RAID unit for my desktop (studio system) and a glyph portagig for my macbook (DJ system).

All my music is stored on my RAID drive in my itunes folder and it's all mixed wav and mp3. All of it is organized with artist, genre, and mixed in key tags in the comments. I transferred all my songs by drag and drop from itunes playlists into new folders on my portagig drive.

Once I moved all the files I wanted I hooked up the portagig drive to my macbook and viewed the songs in the traktor browser. I noticed that the tag info (artist, genre, comment etc.) did not transfer over with any of my wav files. All the info in the mp3 files did transfer over.

I have even loaded these songs into itunes on the macbook and the tag info is still not there on any of the wav files.

I was wondering if there's anything I can do to transfer the tag info on my wav files from one system to the other...

Can anyone help?