Anyone been to/from San Juan, Puerto Rico?
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    Default Anyone been to/from San Juan, Puerto Rico?

    Wondering if anyone on the forums is from/has been to San Juan, Puerto Rico and knows of any good Dance clubs or places to check out some DJ's. Next October my 5th year Architecture Design Studio is taking a trip there so I wanna get a head start on what the nightlife is like

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    Ive been to San Juan twice and i am going back in June. My friend owns a condo there on the beach, its great. Its in the town of Condado. There are all the main hotels there. Ive only gambled in them, never partied there.
    Its right smack in the middle of everything down there.

    The two spots I have been to are; Río Piedras and Santurce.
    Rio is where the University of PR is; its a good time there with a lot of bars and clubs to go to.

    Santurce has a fat Tuesdays and a whole bunch of other places, i have a lot of fun there.

    On Sunday night a lot of people go to a places called; Pal' Cielo. Its a dance hall, sweat box, whatever you wanna call it. I had a lot of fun in there, you just dance, drink and sweat. They play mostly reggae and Latin.

    Other than Pal' Cielo the other clubs and bars were pumping dance music almost all of the time. I did see deadmau5 one of the times there at a place called The Arena, Pier 10. Place was large, they had djs playing inside and mau5 outside. That was the only night i was there but ita big club, im sure they have things going on there regularly. Take a cab there, not a good part of town. Every other place I was at in San Juan was safe.

    We have a lot of friends that live there so they always take us out and show us around. Deff makes life a lot easier.

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