Huge Traktor Problem Please Help
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    Default Huge Traktor Problem Please Help

    So lately whenever i open traktor it crashes after about 5-10 mins. It does this every time without fail. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing, it didnt work. this crashing only began once i told traktor to analyse my whole music library and i think this is the problem as it starts analyzing automatically when i open the program. I cant stop it from analyzing the songs though, even though i tell it to.
    I need help big time please get back to me.

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    Sounds like a similar problem I used to have with Windows Media PLayer a few years back.

    Can you just turn the setting off in the 5-10 minutes you and then close Traktor down manually (rather than letting it crash). It should then save your settings and open up fine the next time.

    If that doesn;t work, perhaps you have a corrupt music file which it hangs at?

    Or, try not to use Traktor while it's updating library. It should, in theory, just run until it's scanned your library. Should only take long the first time as any time after that it'll only add in what you added onto your library since the last time it scanned.
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    Copy your 'traktor settings.tsi' file and put it somewhere safe, then delete the original and try and start Traktor.

    As far as stopping the analyzing process you can right click on the info bar on the bottom that shows the progress and tell it to cancel the process.
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    Yeah, cancel the analysis process and analyze in chunks (depending on how large your collection is). Let it run overnight.
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    Note which track it is analysing when it crashes. Delete that file, it is corrupted. Restart Traktor. Done
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    what version is it?
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