Echo Audiofire 4 V.S. M-Audio Firewire410
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    Default Echo Audiofire 4 V.S. M-Audio Firewire410

    well, I'm about to find a sound-card to complete my set of

    Powerbook G4 1.67 running OS X 10.5.2, Traktor 3.3 and Vestax VCI-100 controller

    now two choices that came in to my head were

    ECHO Audiofire 4 and M-Audio Firewire410

    the Echo is always in my mind due to nice-looking, decent sound quality (through many reviews)
    and very stable driver on Mac (through many reviews too)

    while, the M-Audio has also, the big reliable name in music industry for long,
    but things that detract me are, this model is quite obsolete, with all unbalanced I/O (not sure
    if this would be big issue when playing in the big club) and had heard lots of complaints
    from Mac users with drivers issue (not sure if it's true)

    any comments would be appreciated

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    By brand name echo is good. I remember models like gina or layla are great on their time.

    When I was looking for a soundcard, firewire models I liked are Presonus firebox and edirol ua-101

    In USB... hehe Audio 8 dj because is made for dj with great components inside and designed to be useful. It has all you need even more.

    Take note about people tips and make your own choice


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