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    Pretty well for me 'till now. BTW any Denon controller I saw here and there seems to hold up pretty well. Easy to fix, easy to have replacement part from Digikey or else Third party shop.

    Not to mention they're built like tank...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 00DJC View Post
    Ive got a DDM4000, very good mixer to start out on


    Ive had it only 5 months and ive already worn out the feel feedback on one of the effect knobs. Also my 1st channel left side line input is a bit dodgy...
    I know I'm setting myself up for a fall, but the faders on my DDM4000 have outlasted my Xone:92. The only thing I changed on it was to upgrade to an Innofader (If you plan on doing ANY kind of scratching / turntablism, it's a must!).
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    so ill go with the denon then lol.. and scratching scares me :/ but im not half bad at it using Numark NS7 and ITCH.
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