Traktor & CDJ Pitch Fader
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    Default Traktor & CDJ Pitch Fader

    Hey DJTT's,

    I'm trying to add vocals, samples etc to the other spare channels on my 4 chan mixer with Traktor.

    I'm not actually referrng to 4 deck sync mixing

    What I want to do is have my 2 CDJ's for beatmixing on chan 1 & 2 and chan 3 & 4 for samples etc coming from Traktor.

    Is it possible to have those samples somehow syncd to the CDJ's from Traktor so all I need to do is hit sync?

    Or if that is not possible, to have the CDJ's pitch fader send midi to Traktor whilst also being able to switch it off from Midi to use it as a traditional Pitch Fader for the CDJ's on Channel 1 & 2.

    I am using CDJ 2000's. If anyone knows how this may work, i would really appreciate it.

    Thanks Guys, Tim.

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    the samplers sync automatically i believe.
    have you got dvs? if so just run that with the samplers routed to spare channels... maybe?

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    not unless your already running a dvs

    and no, most cdj's cant send midi and the ones that can cannot play cd's at the same time.

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