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    So I have the VCI-100 and I am happy with it I also have a DIY numpad controller I made that was inspired from here and yesterday started fiddling around with using a PS2 controller and DDR pad with Traktor. So that is the state of affairs.

    However, I would like to start using Traktor to its full potential and using four decks istead of two. What is the best way to go about doing this? Is there any piece of hardware I should buy (hopefully not too pricey!! I am a college kid and just spent all my cash on books!!) to make mixing with four decks easier on Traktor?

    So, basically, what do people suggest is the best route to go to mix with four decks? What have other people done? I honestly dont have any idea where to start so any input would be very helpful!!

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    The way i achieve 4 deck mixing is by programming the deck pitchbends to the numerals on my keyboard (above the letters) like so;

    deck a:
    pitch bend down: 1 pitchbend up: 2

    deck b:
    pitch bend down: 3 pitchbend up: 4

    deck c:
    pitch bend down: 5 pitchbend up: 6

    deck d:
    pitch bend down:7 pitchbend up: 8

    then what you want to do is have one deck as a Master and the other 3 decks as Slave so that they all share the same BPM.

    this way it is possible to manually beatmatch 4 decks at the same time with only 2 hands!

    You could also use beatgridding to make things easier, but where's the fun/danger in that? haha!
    This is done with Traktor3 btw

    good luck buddy

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    Have a look in the 'Controller Mappings' forum - there are loads of .tsi files for 2-4 deck mixing from the community (for both 1.2 and 1.3 firmware). No extra hardware is required, it's all about finding a workflow that suits you...

    You can grab some of the files and try them out... read up on the manual again, and then adjust the midi mappings to your own taste in Traktor.. I did this with Zac Kyoti's tsi (which is great, thanks Zac).. It helped me over the learning curve and i am approaching my personal finished tsi

    Good luck!
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