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    Hi Guys,

    I just came upon this thread now.

    I went from resident DJ to Wedding/Function/Party DJ.
    Anything that needs music and a good sound system.

    It's hard work let me tell you.
    1.) Music Genres of everything. From classic 60 to recent pop hits and the last hour is my party mix Hour. That's when I have my fun.
    I run 2 setups.
    2 x 18" Behringers Bass Bins
    2 x 12" Tops
    2 x Behringers 2500 Amps.
    1 x Behringer Crossover.
    Lights: Laser / 4 Play / Moon / Pin Spots / DMX Controller / Smoke etc.

    I meet with the client a week before at their house.
    I get the 3 most important songs.
    IE: Walking In Song - 1st Dance - Closing Song when THEY leave the party

    I get to the venue at about 10am and set up, do sound checks etc.
    It's a lot of gear believe me.

    I use a straight forward windows pc with winamp and a cross fader.

    Then i have my Macbook with controller, now the S4 (recently purchased).

    They all use their own MC's. You make sure the sound is 110% when they speak.

    I start my background music at about 5:30 just before the 1st guests walk in.

    At about 8:30 to 9pm I open the floor.
    At about 12 with most venues you close or pay extra. They normally do another hour.
    I charge for a gig and do any extra hours for free.

    When I meet with the couple the 1st time I tell them straight.
    YOU HAVE A CHOICE OF 3 SONGS on your wedding.
    The rest will all flow from what you as the DJ read from the crowd.
    AND Don't forget - Requests.
    Be prepared to buy your last track sometimes as you drive to the venue.

    Never used a business card although I'm making some now.
    I get all my referrals from weddings & Parties I do - Word of mouth.
    I have a website but haven't updated it or finished it.
    Facebook Fan pages work well.

    95% of my clients never complain about my price as they've all seen me with my setup
    somewhere before.

    I have my girlfriend as my "helper" part DJ when I get lazy with the genres we play or have to go to the toilet or mix with the crowd.

    I charge R2500 per gig. Last year since August until November i was booked solid. BUT I needed a to take it easy as I work long hours in IT too.

    95% of the time I get invited over again for a birthday and I keep in contact with most of the couples. They are almost as new friends when you finished a good evening.

    My latest party ended at 6am since 7pm the previous evening. A 30th birthday of a friend. Man that was good sh*t.

    I am now moving into a resident spot at a club - not big - It only hold 150 people. But they like my music style and I like it.

    Pay is Sh*t and hours are 10pm to 4am. But my bookings for weddings are slowly coming in again. I moved to a different town, so it's all starting to fall in place again.

    The wedding I enjoyed the most was booked 480Km away from where I stayed. Got payed R5000 and all inclusive stay for me and the GF.

    So get going and enjoy!

    The thing I dislike the most going to wedding!!!!!
    DJ's with shitty equipment. 2 speaker setups with NO BASS to kick you. Sound to light setups if they have any lights.

    Hint: Tell the coupe to place the older people at the back of the venue away from you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradCee View Post
    tutorial vid;

    no one posted this yet, why?

    Or this?

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    The thing is Wedding DJs can be awfully lucrative. I know someone that has been doing Wedding DJing for 10 years, about 5 years out he quit his day job to run his business exclusively and now has a small cadre of people working for him to cover all the weddings in the area while he handles the large gigs. We are talking $500k/yr.

    So yes, if you have the people skills, the mixing skills, and the wherewithal, you can have a seriously lucrative career.

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