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    Default Ear Plugs Recommendations

    After being to a 2 Many DJ's gig almost 2 days ago now, my ears are still ringing quite loudly! I'm like an old man saying "what?" in response to whatever anyone says to me and then shout back at them unintentionally!

    Anyone got any recommendations of ear plugs to use whilst DJing/for gigs to protect my ears but not muffle/dampen the volume/frequencies of the music too much?

    Don't wanna be spending too much on them either!
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    Have you seen this blog post? http://www.djtechtools.com/2010/10/1...djs/#more-8335

    Hah, I just read that again - you want ear plugs.. Sorry

    This place has a good selection: http://www.sensorcom.com/prodtype.asp?PT_ID=411
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    If you want any kinda decent protection with good audio response. You gotta take the plunge and spend the money. You gotta think, how much do you actually care about your ears being damaged? I got me a pair of er15 custom moulds about 6 months ago. Cost nearly 200 quid all in from a top place in london. That included full hearing check and records of your custom moulds being kept of file should you lose em.

    I know you're prob gonna do a load of research to see if you can get anything cheaper (like I did) but let me spare you the time, every professional musician will recommend the er15's (or similar, but costs wont really be drastically different).

    One thing I will say about the 15db cut filters... I think maybe I should have gone for the 10's or even the 5's. To actually DJ with it does seem to cut a lot of volume out. If you're not playing big-ass loud clubs the er15's might be too much of a reduction

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    Custom = best.

    Short of that I've had luck with these and more so these with a pair of these in my pocket just in case things get too loud.

    The first two actually work really well and sound pretty good. The only times I've used the third, it was so damn loud that my only other option was leaving…I was glad to have them.

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