TRAKTOR Pro 2 Noob Problems!!
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    Default TRAKTOR Pro 2 Noob Problems!!

    Hey DJTT forumers

    I got Traktor Pro 2 recently and ive got some questions for you guys!!

    A) Is their any tips or idea you guys can give me on how to find my music in ther Traktor music collection interface.

    Im used to the Virtual DJ interface of just going into my music file through the VDJ interface and being able to find what ever I want as if i was simply searching through my own windows computer... So having to go through the hundreds and hundreds of artists/albums to find a new song I barely know the name off is pretty fucking mind numbing and in all aspects it has put me off Traktor completely
    Any tips for how to find songs easily or set up playlists or ANYTHING you can tell me that makes this hell of music searching any easier.

    B) Whenever i move files around on my Windows HDD and just generally re arrange things it has massive implications on Traktor.

    For example: Lets say I have 100 Songs by Skrillex and I move those from one place to another folder on my HDD, orginally their would be 100 songs by skrillex on Traktor. After, however, I move them, they would be duplicated to 200 songs, of which only 100 work and the rest get an error along the lines of "This song does not exist anymore/is corrupted/pirated/altered and cannot be played"

    A) How do i browse my music files easily on Traktor
    B) Why do I get duplicated, corrupted files on Traktor when I move them on my HDD
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    a) Use the search box on top of the browser tree, pressing enter after searching will ensure it's looking in the whole collection.
    b) Because Traktor files are tied to the filename/location, right click on them on them and choose relocate or right click on the collection node, check consistency and relocate there for mass processing or remove missing if you already added them again manually.

    Give the manual a quick read, it's all in there

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    A) There is no easy way. Traktor's library management is pretty much horrible compared to the competition.

    I have my library divided into folders by style, and to work around the inability to browse by folder in the collection, I keep a playlist for each folder. Of course, they won't update automatically, so I have to manually update each before playing, if I've added new tracks.

    Alternatively, you can use the Explorer tree instead of the collection, but the downside is that Traktor insists on reading every file's tags every time you switch folders, and it can take ages.

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    Another option is to set up smart playlists in iTunes. Then search through these in Traktor.
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